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sábado, 23 de janeiro de 2010

A PhD on the Road - Statistics

I´m an Engineer and so i shoot numbers on everything that moves. Its instintictive, Faster than my own shadow. Thus here i am to present you the numbers of this adventure

This PhD on the Road was not created only for fun, but to bring fun and emotions to a hard working job, as well as imagination to found new ideas in the course of data comprehension. The PhD i´m about to finish was guided by the adventure you could follow, marking its rythm, giving new ideas and, above all, bringing emotions to the rational work. In summary, it made possible an important creative sense, and transformed one of the most difficult times of my life in a beautiful "promenade".

The double adventure took exactly 14 months, from November 15th (2008), in a beautiful saturday when i published the first post and open a file named "thesis script", to January 15th (2010) when i put an end on it. In the beetween

- at least a post once a week,
- 64 published movies and posts (in english and portuguese languages), 61 produced by myself and 2 by Patricia Vieira and 1 by my dear uncle Duarte Bravo de Faria
- 12 countries visited along with small stories lived there, namely Morocco (Tuareg), Mozambique & South Africa (In the Track of Livingstone), Sri Lanka (A Love Story), Tibete (Seven weeks in Tibete), China (A Tea from China), Taiwan (Making Possible the Impossible), Brazil (Uma História de Peão), Guatemala (Rings of Fire), México (The Beauty of the Unexpected), Cuba (Cuba Libre) United States (An Italian King and the Knights of the Blade), United Kingdom (Learning with Youth) and back in Portugal (Small Things are always Great and Blowin in the Wind)
- Apart from these above, 5 technical movies were also produced dealing with thesis theme and also teaching and tutoring
- The whole 12 chapters of the final document, which were developed in four steps that went along with each continental track followed during the adventure. Africa for Background (Part A of the thesis), Asia for Playground (Part B), America for Experience (Part C) and Europe for the Model (Part D). Perfect combination
- A fantastic time with talented team mates
- The rest of the numbers can be seen in the attached movie

Kisses and Hugs

A PhD on the Road - Statistics from nunocruz on Vimeo.

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maria disse...

BRUTAL!!! É o que tenho para dizer sobre este blog!!! Apesar de ter chegado no fim, tenho devorado com imenso prazer os textos e os videos!!! Devia continuar... ;-) Agora com o Pós-Doc!!! hehehehe


Maria Inês

Nuno Cruz disse...

obrigado pela companhia