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sábado, 28 de novembro de 2009

A PhD on the Road (Portugal)

Sailing from Lagos to Portimão

Living in a little confined space with other people can teach you a great deal about ruling your own life. It has been a fantastic experience in that sense.

We all need a man behind the Wheel, to go in the right direction, and so we had our Capitan (Alexandre) taking the wheel in these trip. And our Capitan just taught me another important thing that i promise myself to reflect about. The man behind the wheel can not be the same person all the time:
Sometimes, we have to assume the wheel because we are the best man for the job, other times we have to leave the place for a best suited person, and the most important thing is to have the courage and wisdom to distinguish the difference.

We live in a dangerous world where rage, stress, hate, double crossing, trapping, stepping on other people feet, or push a knife on their back at anytime are basic rules for surviving, which everyone seems to accept nowadays, with no fighting back. In summary we live in a world of...

I Fuck you, you Fuck me, .

And i really believe that we should live under a completely different rule...

I Love you, you Love me

which leads to a much more pleasant and sucessful life. It´s basic mathmetatics. Giving 1 receiving 1, or giving 100 and receiving 100. One has only one possibility for combination. With itself. 100 generates millions of possible combinations. What, in your opinion, is the best?

In a boat sailing in the ocean, if you want to survive, it would be impossible to survive following the first rule. The same thing goes with our lives. Sooner or latter, everyone finds it out. In fact, your possibility of receiving is as bigger as your capacity for giving, and at the end there is a big difference: you lived a longer and happy life surrounded by people that will make your life richer, growing with you while you grow with them. The first rule always lead you to loneliness, bitterness, stone heart, and for sure... a sad end. Don´t you agree?

To fundament these ideas i just picked up 2 Portuguese Songs of my youth: O Homem do Leme (The man Behind the Wheel) dos Xutos e Pontapés, in a version of Rio Grande and A Marcha dos Desalinhados (the March of the anti Yes Men) from Resistência.

Love you, Love me

Kisses and Hugs

Blowin' in the Wind - The Man behind the Wheel from nunocruz on Vimeo.

Desta vez deixo que as palavras da musica escolhida (o Homem do leme cantado pelos Rio Grande e a marcha dos Desalinhados dos Resistência) falem por mim. Escutem-nas com atenção.

Acredito que precisamos sempre de um homem ao leme, mas que esse tem de variar em função das circunstâncias (nenhum homem está bem no leme a vida inteira, de certeza). Cada um de nós tem que ter a coragem de assumir o leme quando a nossa hora chega, mas também a sabedoria de passar o leme quando outro está melhor preparado. Esse é concerteza um dos segredos da vida. Aprendemos todos isso com o nosso Capitan (o Alexandre) nesta viagem

Acredito também que se podem alcançar as mesmas coisas vivendo na base de

I love you, you Love me

em lugar daquilo que é o nosso mundo de hoje...

I Fuck you, you Fuck me

A diferença está numa vida plena, alegre, saborosa e bem vivida em detrimento de uma vida, stressante, odiosa, solitária e amarga. O que é que vocês acham?

Beijos e abraços para todos

I Love You...

8 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

"I love you, You love me"...
Consequence "We love each other"! And that's the key isn't it? Love and being loved, the need of any human being!
If I would make a "diaporama"out of this I would choose "A wonderful world"(interpreted by Zucchero), because the world that "you paint"is indeed "a wonderful world"!!! Thank YOU!!!!

Nuno Cruz disse...

I agree with A wonderful world, and i also i´m found of Zucchero style. Thanks for being and enjoying the tour around with me. I´m pleased.

Anónimo disse...

Do you have any idea who wrote this to you????
I laugh now...

Nuno Cruz disse...

I have. It must be some of my italian friends. Paola Monaco, Diego or Silvano Marchetti, Massimo Sachetto. Because of the mention to Zucchero i would say Massimo.
The one who wrote it send it from Milano. Now, i really would like to know who did it. If you don´t feel confortable to identify yourself in a open window, please send me a e-mail.

Best of the hugs

Anónimo disse...

Just me... Isabel!

Nuno Cruz disse...

Boa malha. Não fazia ideia. Beijos

Anónimo disse...

I love you and all of you and agree with you
Kisses for everyone

Nuno Cruz disse...

My beautiful Patita. How sweet it is to me to know your love for us. We all love you all, too.