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terça-feira, 19 de agosto de 2008

Lauching an idea

To all our dear friends

Every once in a while we´ll be writing down some information in english, for all the friends that doesn´t understand portuguese, but do understand the meaning of travelling, the beauty of photos and how important it is to show emotions.

We do believe that DIAPORAMAs (see the movies in the blog) takes emotions to the photos and transform the static in dynamic. More than that, we truly believe it as an important tool to comunicate just like a book or a movie.

In fact, one can tell a story with images, bringing emotions with music and its lyrics, and guiding it trough some written or spoken words. And so, you can tell a love story, narrate a magnificent trip, teach some technicall stuff (I´ve tried this in Aveiro University with my students and these results were amazing), or whatever your imagination create. And it is, no doubt, a important tool to communicate with younger generations, who are quite "readingless".

The exhibition that you can see in Palácio or in this blog is just the art of combining different ways of expression such as images, sounds and writings creating for you a travel around the world without leaving your place.

If you got touched by this idea just leave your comment and help us being succeeded on that journey

With all of our smiley LOVE, and hoping to bring happiness to your way

Kisses and hugs

1 comentário:

Anónimo disse...

Olá Sr.Inginheiro,
A esta hora já debe estar em Londres!
Aqui deixo então o meu breve testemunho, com imensa pena de já não ver a concretização de um dos seus sonhos! Concerteza terá outros!
Gostei das imagens, gosteis das palavras escritas e faladas! pena tenho de não ter estado nos sítios e lugares para sentir os cheiros e as pessoas. Por certo isso tu o fizeste e melhor o testemunhaste.
Agora só espero pelo teu livro,onde poderás transmitir a muitos mais o grande investimento e prazer da vida que são as viagens!
Um grande beijo com muito orgulho!
Cá espero então...pelo livro!
Da amiga Pimentinha